Frequently Asked Questions



Hello to you! This email may or may not apply to you, but we have decided to contact you to answer / clarify some questions regarding August & September orders. This email therefore aims to answer questions that come up often & to offer transparency on our


**We also take advantage of the situation to invite you to frequently view our stories, in which we OFTEN answer your questions. Stories Facebook & Instagram).


  • Underwear orders from August 13th.
  • The majority of these are already shipped & for customers who still have not received, it's coming. Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet the deadlines for some orders mid-September / late September due to several factors. It will be earlier in the next week, the first of October that we can finalize everything, BUT No, we have not forgotten your J order.nde J.


  • Toque orders.
  • We are working on a possible restock, but we do not yet have an official date..
  • Some orders are still not shipped, but we are working very hard to complete the shipments. That said, we expect to be able to have everything shipped during the first week of October.e.


  • Orders from September 24.

It was a huge launch & we would like to thank you for supporting us at this pointJ

  • Obviously, with the delays caused by the other two launches, had an impact on the planning. We will try to meet the 3 business week deadlines, but to be 100% transparent, we estimate that for some orders, the lead time could be up to 4 business weeks for receipt of your order. We are also in the process of rebuilding move & we are thinking of hiring, because together, we are having difficulty meeting deadlines in the face of the rapid growth of the company, which does not meet our values & we are deeply sorry. .lés).
  • We are also currently working on a joggers restock, to follow!!


  • General informations
  • Descriptions Articles on our website answer several questions, deadlines, pairing, charters, compositions, provenance, shipments, delivery costs, important dates, with a little humorous touch.).


  • Command pairing : Entering the # of orders in the little box in the cart is a HUGE help in matching things up & moving forward.


  • Expeditions: Regarding Joliette store withdrawals & shipments, an email will be sent to you when the order (s) are processed.s.



  • Promo code : If you had a promotional code & when you launched it you forgot-lost, we cannot modify the order for the following reason: The system does not support this kind of modification..

*However, placing another order later using the forget code is not recommended::

 This blocks another person from ordering duplicate items & time to realize this which can take days during launches due to the large amount of messages we receive. In addition, we will cancel the last order placed when this is the case.e cas.


  • EXCHANGE / RETURN: Please , complete the form on our website and insert it in the package explanatory reasonve). You should also read carefully before ordering or before returning an item the details surrounding a return / exchange.


We would like to thank you for taking the time to read a sentence or the whole text, hoping to have answered some questions..