Preorder - THE doudou
Preorder - THE doudou
Preorder - THE doudou
Preorder - THE doudou
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We can say that the department of miracles Abibelle is ON FIRE🔥!
For chums / blondes who have been convinced, see the section below.¨.
  • The weight of the blanket: She weighs 12 pounds. However, to sleep it should not exceed 10% of your weight.
  • Special health condition: It is recommended to obtain professional advice before purchasing the item.
  • The weight of the blanket provides a calming effect & reduces anxiety. Isn’t you wonderful!!
  • The blanket is in jersey, like some sweaters. It is therefore washable, soft, without risk for allergies, does not itch & breathes very well.
  • We'll tell each other: Is instagramable in ... I'll let you finish the sentence in your head..

    Section belows¨
    Hi to you! Okay, if you're reading this I have a little idea of what happened: 

    Partner : OH MY GOD ! Tssaaai there Abibelle.

    You : Ouan ...🙄

    Partner : Well they bring out a blanket. I want her.

    You : No .

    You made a compromise: He / She will have the blanket.

    Once that one-sided decision is made, well here you are. I guarantee you will love her as much as we do if not more and there will be no fuss, she is huge!

    Importing ethically
    Taille unique: 42 pouces par 74 pouces.

    Recommandation pour ce type d'article  Lavage à cycle délicat et séchage à l'air libre.


    Votre pré-commande quittera l'atelier au alentour de la fin mai. Lorsque votre colis quittera l'atelier, un # de suivi vous sera acheminé par email. Par la suite, votre commande arrivera à votre domicile en 24-48h ouvrables. 

    Pour les récupérations de commande à l'atelier, un email vous sera envoyé lorsqu'elle sera complétée. 

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