Underwear - TOP
Underwear - TOP
Underwear - TOP
Underwear - TOP
Underwear - TOP
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One set = 5 recycled plastic bottles.

  • Made in 66% recycled plastic bottles. Yes, I'm telling you that besides being unusually comfortable & stylish, you help the planet. No, but, we have the concept here! 
  • The top is DOUBLE:  Support is our best friend.
  • The elastic is soft & silky , as much as unicorn hair.

For WHATTYPES of people our underwear is made?

- Size has such an impact Are you a joke These are just letters.s.

- Age has such an influence Since when is this a criterion anywayy?

- You're pregnant First, CONGRATULATIONS! This set, you will love it..

- You are not not pregnant You will love it..

- Listen to youNetflix to the point of receiving the message: Maybe you should go for a walk outside. You'll love it.r.

- You play sports, yoga Let's go girl! You'll love it..

- You have a Big Cap & are never able to have comfort, support & style? Awaille here! You'll love it.

- You eat your spaghetti by rolling it or cutting it. There's no problem..

The underwear is made for EVERYONE.

Made in Quebec

Votre commande quittera l'atelier la journée même ou le lendemain (jours ouvrables). Lorsque votre colis quittera l'atelier, un # de suivi vous sera acheminé par email. Par la suite, votre commande arrivera à votre domicile en 24-48h ouvrables. 

Pour les récupérations de commande à l'atelier, un email vous sera envoyé lorsqu'elle sera complétée. 

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