T-Shirt - Men
T-Shirt - Men
T-Shirt - Men
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Men's joggers and t-shirts.
We asked ourselves the following question: Beyond the beautiful weather, what makes me want to buy a sweater. It was at this point that I decided to make a list of personal & unusual criteria on this subject.. 
List of important criteria
1. After a couple of washes, it won't make you a bédaine sweater, not that it can't be sexy, but a t-shirt that shrinks too much, it looks *****: TEST & DRYER RESISTANT.
2. The interview is therefore,easy-peasy. It’s nice.
3. It has to be hard ... Like some of my clothes that date from my secondary 3, that I am unable to separate,how cute is that? 
4. Long cut is fashion, a bit like the Longueuil cut.
5. Pairs with just about anything, so not too much matching management. If you're like me, it's at the bottom of the foot that everything becomes ... hazardous.

T-shirts are very standard, go with the size you usually wear.

Finishing in Quebec

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